Shikhar Biotech in the fight against Covid-19

Shikhar Biotech has developed covid-19 antibody test kit. We are in the process of obtaining approval from the National Health Research Council of Nepal to test the kit on clinical samples. We are also able to determine the titre(level) of anti-covid19 antibodies in the blood of individuals who have recovered from the Covid-19 infection. This will be useful in guiding whether the plasma from a specific individual is suitable for donating to other sick covid-19 positive patients.

Shikhar Biotech is also in the final stages of developing the tests for Covid-19 antigen (spike protein). This is an ELISA based test.

The tests developed by Shikhar Biotech are specific the strain of Covid-19 virus seen in Nepal.

Shikhar Biotech supply a range of different antibodies and antibody-related products