SHI-LYSE™ Nuclear Extraction Kit

Nuclear-cytoplasmic Fraction Extraction Kit

Kit optimised for  separating nuclear and cytosolic protein fractions

We carry out the fractionation of nuclear and cytoplasmic portions of cultured cells on a routine basis. For this purpose we have developed our own separation kit, which works like a charm every time. Made with the best quality ingredients, and routinely Qc tested, this kit will remove one uncertainty from your experimental set-up. Guaranteed to work as promised, or your money back.

This kit is guaranteed to work for the following cell lines:

HEK293, NIH3T3, A431, HeLa, Jurkat, MCF7, K562, U251

Cytoplasmic And Nuclear Protein Extraction Kit Updated

Nuclear extraction Kit from Shikhar Biotech

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#SHI-LYSE-100 100 fractionations, using 1 million cells in each fractionation $200
#SHI-LYSE-50 50 Fractionations $125

Terms & conditions 

  • Prices are for direct orders from the company. Prices through distributors may differ. 
  • The cost of shipping worldwide by Fedex is USD100. The product is normally delivered to your lab by FEDEX unless there are special import restrictions in your country- in that case you may need to contact the customs office of your country. 
  • The HS code of the product is 70179090 
  • Once you let us know the exact quantity you wish to order, we can send a proforma invoice for payment to our bank. Goods are dispatched from our lab within 3 working days after payment arrives in our bank. We can not process payments by credit cards.