Shi-Fix™ Coverslips

SHI-FIX ™ COVERSLIPS and Plates for suspension cell Immunofluorescence

Do you wish suspension cell Immunofluorescence was as easy as that of adherent cells? 

Now it is! Our innovative Shi-fix™ cover-slips or multi well plates allow suspension cells to be layered on them or directly grown as a monolayer. Easy, hassle-free protocol and no spin columns needed for fixing suspension cells to slides. Just add your cells to the coverslips, wait for 30 mins, wash unbound cells with PBS and proceed to immunostaining.Or continue the culture to obtain desired cell densities for suspension cell immunofluorescence. 

These cover-slips can also be used for staining suspension cells for microscopy, or for fixing suspension cells for confocal microscopy. What’s more, you can also stimulate the cells while they are attached on the cover-slip, should you need to do so. 

  • For cells that are specially difficult to attach, we have developed the PLUS line of shi-fix coverslips. 
  • You can work on non-adherent cells as if they were adherent! 

Simple 4 Step Protocol

Coverslip Protocol 1

 1. Resuspend cultured cells in PBS 

Coverslip Protocol 2

 2. Add 0.2 million cells per coverslip 

Coverslip Protocol 3

 3. Wash with PBS to remove unbound cells 


4. Proceed to immunofluorescence or continue culture of attached cells 

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SB-Shifix25 Pack of 25 ø 12mm x 0.17mm(#1.5) $90
SB-Shifix50 Pack of 50 ø 12mm x 0.17mm(#1.5) $170
SB-Shifix50PLUS Pack of 50 ø 15mm x 0.17mm(#1.5) $220
SB-Shifix96 Pack of 3 96 well plate $300
SB-Shifix96PLUS Pack of 3 96 well plate $400

Terms & conditions 

  • Prices are for direct orders from the company. Prices through distributors may differ. 
  • The cost of shipping worldwide by Fedex is USD100. The product is normally delivered to your lab by FEDEX unless there are special import restrictions in your country- in that case you may need to contact the customs office of your country. 
  • The HS code of the product is 70179090 
  • Once you let us know the exact quantity you wish to order, we can send a proforma invoice for payment to our bank. Goods are dispatched from our lab within 3 working days after payment arrives in our bank. We can not process payments by credit cards.