Antibody Testing

Antibody Testing Service with Shikhar Biotech

As part of our commitment to the advancement of scientific research, we offer a comprehensive range of custom services. Using our special expertise in reproducible, high-quality western blots and fluorescence microscopy, we have been successfully providing antibody-testing services to biotechnology companies based throughout Europe. We currently offer antibody-testing services through Western blotting, ELISA, or Immunofluorescence. Given our flexibility in scaling the testing, no project is too small or too large. If unsure which cells or tissues to use for antibody testing, we will carry out rigorous searches to find the most definitive or putative expression data for your target proteins and shortlist the most suitable cell-lines or tissues to test your antibodies on.

Why Choose Shikhar Biotech?

The quality of research antibodies is an ongoing problem for scientists, and issues with specificity, sensitivity and reproducibility are common and can prove costly. With little or no standard validation researchers must rely on reference data when sourcing their reagents as this is the only reassurance that they will perform well in a chosen application.
However, there are challenges with the validation of research antibodies including time and cost constraints, which is where Shikhar Biotech’s custom services can help: Our rigorous antibody validation services enable us to generate good application data for your antibodies, making them more valuable to the scientific community and freeing up your resources so you can focus on your own areas of expertise.

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We currently offer antibody-testing services through:

Michael Fiebig
Absolute Antibody

"We’ve been using Shikhar Biotech for antibody validation for over a year now and have tested around 200 antibodies in 2-3 methods with them. Their access to diverse tissues from different species has meant they have been able to test almost every clone I asked for.

The ability to choose between different testing methods and sample preparations that are ideally suited to the target antigen has made this process easy. In particular, am I fan of their immunofluorescence images, but it’s also worth noting that if your antibody doesn’t work (and you always come across a few), the team at Shikhar will tell you!"


How it works:

  1. You send us a list of products you want tested. If you want them tested on specific tissues or cell samples you let us know. Otherwise we will choose the most appropriate samples, and iterate as the testing progresses.
  2. We send back information on which applications we can test them on, the rate of the testing or the cost of the project, and the estimated time for the project.
  3. Once there is agreement on terms, you ship the antibodies to us, and off we go !
  4. We send you updates on the tests and compiled lots of testing results as they come.
  5. We invoice you on completion of the project.
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