Antibody Validation in Immunofluorescence

Immunofluorescence (IF) provides excellent data on whether a specific protein is expressed in the plasma membrane, cytosol, nuclear membrane, nucleus, or across the various compartments. The performance of an antibody on this platform has become critical for the success of that antibody in the research market.

We have IF-tested hundreds of antibodies for our customers. Our highly skilled team are able to perform large-scale immunofluorescent validation of 10-50 antibodies, on a wide range of cell lines, to meet specific customer deadlines.

IF Validation using Suspension Cells

Does your antibody target a protein expressed in suspension cells? No problem, we have developed special Shi-fix™ coverslips for growing suspension cells so that they can easily be used for immunofluorescence. Using this system, we can validate your antibodies.

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