Shipping to Shikhar

Shipping to  Nepal is not too complex, but the process and accompanying documents need to follow a specific script.

Shipments valued at USD 200 or more ( commercial sale)

  1. Please send us a Proforma Invoice for the goods, stating each item, rate, total price, shipping charge and final value of the shipment. Make sure the international harmonized tariff code for the item(s) is also stated. Also state the country of origin of the product. Also include your account details for payment, including BIC/SWIFT code. We can only pay the proforma invoice when all the above mentioned fields are clearly stated.
  2. We will look at the proforma and advise you on whether it is compliant or if there are things to add so you can send us an amended version if necessary.
  3. Once the proforma invoice is fine, we will make the payment to your bank account by wire transfer.
  4. Upon receiving the money, please go ahead with making the shipment. Remember to include a commercial invoice ( exactly the same as the proforma invoice, with no alterations on price or total value). Also enclose three copies of the CN23 form duly filled. sample CN23 form.
  5. Please send us by email the invoice, associated data sheets and tracking information.

Shipments valued less than USD 200 (Free samples for testing/validation) 

  1. Please send us a copy of the invoice that you plan to enclose with the  shipment. The invoice should contain a description of the goods, international harmonized tariff code(s), country of origin, price, shipping cost and total cost. Add one sentence stating "These are free samples for testing, and the above values are only for customs purposes"
  2. We will check and notify you if there are missing fields or other modifications necessary.
  3. Once agreed, you can ship the goods to us. Please include the invoice, as well as three copies of the CN22 form. Please email to us a copy of the invoice and the tracking information so that we can get the shipment cleared from the Nepal customs promptly.