Our Mission

To provide researchers with quality antibodies and custom antibody services at competitive prices, that meet reproducibility and reliability standards.

Our Vision

To contribute to the advancement of scientific research, both locally and globally, by providing researchers with a comprehensive range of products and services they can trust.

Our Goals

To produce and test thousands of high quality goat polyclonal antibodies for our customers and provide expertise and support with the services we offer, and to share that expertise within our community.


We are the first and only antibody company in Nepal, located at the heart of the Kathmandu valley. Our company is a spin-off of the British-Nepali venture Everest Biotech Limited, UK . We manufacture and deliver the highest quality reagents and services to life-science researchers and other biotech companies worldwide.

We have successfully produced thousands of high quality goat polyclonal antibodies for our customers. We partner with subsistence farmers in Kathmandu for our operations. The goats used to make the antibodies are free range, and taken good care of by the farmers who partially own them.

We are experts in antibody validation using ELISA, Western blots, Immunofluorescence, Flow Cytometry and Immunohistochemistry. We have been providing these services to antibody companies in Europe. We have also successfully developed many non-antibody reagents to address the needs of life science researchers.


The Team

Dr Ravindra

Dr Ravindra M Sapkota

Executive Chairman & Scientific Director

Bikash Pandey

Bikash Pandey

Operations Director

Sunita Ghimire Gautam Bokeh

Dr Sunita Ghimire Gautam

Research & Development Manager

Sajan Shrestha

Sajan Shrestha

Director-Finance & Administration