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Secondary Antibodies

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Secondary antibodies are monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies developed for laboratory use and raised to specifically bind other immunoglobulin heavy or light chains. Secondary antibodies are commonly employed in the laboratory conjugated to a fluorophore to allow visualisation of a target antigen bound to a primary antibody. The secondary antibody in this case will be specific for the species, class and possibly subclass of the primary antibody. This indirect detection of the target has the benefit of signal amplification. Other uses of immunoglobulin-specific antibodies include detection of therapeutic antibodies in clinical samples and monitoring of immunoglobulin levels in various disease states.

Secondary antibodies are useful in applications such as flow cytometry, ELISA, western blotting and immunohistochemistry. Shikhar Biotech’s range of validated, highly specific polyclonal antibodies are generated in goat and affinity purified. Currently the range includes antibodies against the Fc region of a number of human heavy chains.