Cell Lines & Kits

Student teaching reagents and kits

Only for academic institutes in Nepal

We have been helping the bio-science and biotechnology institutions in Nepalese Universities by providing bio-reagents at affordable prices. This line of products have been developed with a clear aim :  to enable enthusiastic teachers and students to carry out critical research experiments.

Prices for the available products and services in this category are given below.

Technical support for demonstrating or carrying out the experiments:

At Shikhar Biotech premises: NPR 2500.00 per day

At your premises: NPR 3500 per day.

Cell Lines

Cell line stock vials
NPR 15000
NPR 15000
Cells growing in culture flask
NPR 25,000

in a 25cm² culture flask, plus additional 100ml Medium

NPR 25,000
Complete medium (with FBS)
NPR 15,000


NPR 15,000
Complete medium (with FBS)
NPR 25,000


NPR 25,000
Small batch (3-10) of growing cells for cytotoxicity tests
NPR 15000+

NPR 15,000 seeding charge, additional NPR 5,000 per 25cm² flask

NPR 15000+
Large batch (>10) of growing cells for cytotoxicity tests
NPR 15,000 ++

NPR 15,000 seeding charge, additional NPR 4,000 per 25cm² flask

NPR 15,000 ++

No guarantee can be provided regarding the response of the cells to your experimental setup.


NPR 10,000
NPR 10,000
Western blotting-protein transfer kit
NPR 10,000
NPR 10,000
Western blotting antigen detection kit
NPR 15,000
NPR 15,000
Immunofluorescence kit
NPR 15,000
NPR 15,000

Available Cell Lines

A431 Human Skin epithelium Squamous carcinoma
HeLa Human Cervical cancer Epithelium
NSO Mouse
A549 human Lung carcinoma Epithelium
Jurka Human T-Cell-Leukemia White blood cells
K562 Human lymphoblastoid CML blast crisis
MOLT4 Human T lymphoblast Lymphoblast
U937 Human Histiocytic lymphoma leukaemic monocytic lymphoma
Daudi Human Blood lymphoma B lymphoblast
HepG2 Human Hepatoblastoma Epithelium
HEK293 Human kidney (embryonic) Epithelium
Kelly Human Neuroblastoma
NIH3T3 Mouse Embryonic fibroblast Fibroblast
MDCK Dog Kidney Epithelium
MDA-231 Human Breast Cancer Epithelium
CACO-2 Human Colon Epithelium
U2OS Human Bone sarcoma from the tibia
MCF7 Human Breast Cancer
3T3-L1 Mouse Embryo Fibroblast
U-251 MG Human Brain Pleomorphic/astrocytoid
Vero Monkey Kidney Epithelial
L929 Mouse Adipose Fibroblast
C1300 Clone NA or N2A ( Neuro-2A) Mouse Neuroblast Neuronal -like
C6 Rat Neural (Glial Tumour) Neuronal
KNRK Rat Kidney Epithelial -like
LNCaP Human Prostate Cancer Epithelial - like
PC12 Rat adrenal medullary tumor (pheochromocytoma) Suspension
RAW 264.7 Mouse Leukemia Macrophage