Custom Antibody Service

Struggling to find good quality antibodies for your research?

Shikhar Biotech offers a range of custom antibody services to meet your needs and specifications. Our service package includes antibody production, affinity purification, and validation of the antibody.

The custom projects follow the same process as those used to make our catalogue products – or you can ask for a specific modification to the protocols. The choice of the immunogen can include peptides, proteins, or haptens and we currently use goats and rabbits as hosts but please contact us to discuss alternative options.

Our team of antibody production experts will provide complete support throughout the project: from peptide design, synthesis, and carrier protein conjugation to animal immunization, serum collection, titre analysis, final antibody purification, and quality control.

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ISO 9001 certified production facility

We own a purpose built ISO 9001:2015 certified production laboratory. Our team consists of highly educated and trained staff with leadership at PhD level. The immunizations and harvests are carried out by fully qualified veterinary staff.

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Competitive Prices

We offer the highest quality at competitive prices. Please get in touch to obtain a quote for the specific project you have in mind. We can often offer custom formulations or packaging at no additional cost.

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Large Scale Antibody Production

Outsourcing your polyclonal antibody production has never been more straightforward. If your company needs to replenish or add to its catalogue of products without the hassle of setting up and running a production facility, talk to us! You can also order a custom project for continuous supply of one or more polyclonal antibodies.