Western Blotting / ELISA

Antibody Validation

Antibody Validation in Western Blot 

Antibody validation is more important than ever, with customers quite rightly demanding the highest performance from the antibodies they purchase. With over 15 years of experience in western blotting, and thousands of validations performed, trust Shikhar Biotech for your antibody validation needs. Our rigorous standards and very well-established protocols, in combination with access to a broad range of cells and tissues for testing, means we can validate a comprehensive array of antibodies.

Shikhar Biotech have a library of more than 20 different cell lines of human, mouse, rat and canine origin. Additionally, we have almost exhaustive range of tissue types originating from mouse, rat and human donors.

Antibody Validation in ELISA

ELISA is an increasingly popular antibody-based technique in both research and diagnostics. To perform effective antibody validation in ELISA requires many years of experience, especially when dealing with antibody pairs and complex biological samples.

Let Shikhar Biotech be your partner in taking care of the technical headaches and uncertainties, providing you with the final validation data that will enhance the marketability of your antibodies.