PLL and PDL coated coverslips

High quality PLL-coated COVERSLIPS for Immunofluorescence

Coverslips optimised for  Immunofluorescence

We use high quality Poly-L Lysine or Poly-D-Lysine to coat our coverslips. And furthermore, the high quality german glass has no autofluorescence, so all the signal is from your sample!

All coverslips are batch tested for quality, so you can order them with peace of mind. Guaranteed to work, or your money back.

  • For cells that are specially difficult to attach, we have developed the PLUS line of shi-fix coverslips. 
  • You can work on non-adherent cells as if they were adherent! 

Let us know if you publish using our products

And we will highlight your publication here, and provide a free sample of any of or product up to the value of USD 100.

#SB-PLL-100 Pack of 100 ø 12mm x 0.17mm(#1.5) $110
#SB-PLL-50 Pack of 50 ø 12mm x 0.17mm(#1.5) $110
#SB-PDL-100 Pack of 100 ø 12mm x 0.17mm(#1.5) $110
#SB-PDL-50 Pack of 50 ø 12mm x 0.17mm(#1.5) $70

Terms & conditions 

  • Prices are for direct orders from the company. Prices through distributors may differ. 
  • The cost of shipping worldwide by Fedex is USD100. The product is normally delivered to your lab by FEDEX unless there are special import restrictions in your country- in that case you may need to contact the customs office of your country. 
  • The HS code of the product is 70179090 
  • Once you let us know the exact quantity you wish to order, we can send a proforma invoice for payment to our bank. Goods are dispatched from our lab within 3 working days after payment arrives in our bank. We can not process payments by credit cards.