Flow Cytometry Training

Shikhar Biotech has launched a free hands on training on flow cytometry to students in the final year of biotechnology courses. The training will incorporate isolation of peripheral blood monocytes (PBMCs) from blood and using them in flow cytometry to test for expression of one or more proteins. Some editions of the course will also incorporate stimulating the PBMCs with PMA/ionomycin or with LPS. The training will take place in the laboratories of Shikhar Biotech in Khumaltar. Basic flow cytometry training will be a one day training, while the flow cytometry with PBMC stimulation will be a two day training. Only 2-3 students will be accepted at a time.

All the necessary reagents and antibodies except the blood samples will be provided. Participants must agree to withdraw 10ml blood at the start of the experiment, and this will be used to isolate the PBMCs to be used in the flow experiment.


Participants must be students in the final year of BSc or MSc degree in biotechnology from a University in Nepal. They must also have completed theoretical course in flow cytometry.

How to apply

Send an email to info@shikharbiotech.com with “flow cytometry training” as the subject. Provide your  current academic status ( Course, semester, University etc) and contact details.

Once you are offered a place in the next practical, you will be allocated a time to visit the lab 2 weeks before the course. At that time you have to pay a deposit of Rs 500 to confirm your booking. This will be returned when you attend the course. The deposit will not be returned if you miss the course.

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